When Creativity Meets Passion

Our team was established in 2006 through the initiative of Jason “Jamir” Miraples, our creative director. As the founder of Jamir Design, Jason built the business with only one thing in mind, to create and communicate with the world through graphic design and photography.

Behind The Lens

We are a group of creative and dynamic individuals whose passion is to showcase our craft and capture the fleeting emotions and the unique character of our subjects.

Through The Shutter

We believe in the kindness in everyone and we let it shine through our photographs. We commit to each and every project fully and exert our best effort.

Pass The Film

Life is a colorful adventure. Our team’s passion is to tell stories, create memories, and have our clients experience the best the world can offer.

Photography Studio in the Philippines

Photography Studio in the Philippines

We are highly creative individuals with twelve years of experience. We are here to help you develop and implement creative designs for effective communication.

And with our knowledge and skills, we will help you make those fleeting moments last forever!

The Founder

As the founding member of our team, Jason Miraples believes that photography and graphics design are a continuous learning process. He believes that people acquire new skills and knowledge every day. And it is their duty to hone them and contribute to the betterment of their career.

Be Our Next Partner

Share with us your story and let it travel through our creative minds. With us, your visions will come to life. We’d only ask you one thing, what’s your story?