Graphic Design & Photography Services
in the Philippines

We started with passion, skills, and dedication to master our craft
and build a strong connection with our clients in the Philippines.


We Are Pleased To Have Many
Trusted Partners

Defining Graphic Design
and Photography Services
by Creating a Story

We give everyone who collaborates with us the freedom to express their emotions. And we let them communicate their thoughts and inner feelings through graphic design and photography.

Here at Jamir Design, we unravel our clients’ personality by engaging them all throughout the process. Building a relationship with our clients — our partners in this endeavor.

More than getting down to business, building rapport and confidence is the key to delivering quality graphic design and photography services in the Philippines.

Photography Services

Living Life Through Images and Design

Graphic Design and Photography are all around us. And there are a lot of good and unique things happening around.
We can get our inspirations from absolutely anywhere. With the busy lifestyle in the Metro and the demanding way of life in the rural areas, it is challenging to stay genuinely connected. The perfect shot and subject await you every day.
But who will take them?

What Our Partners Are Saying

Our passion for graphic design and photography transcends our life-long commitment to foster relationships and make our client’s fancy come to life. We will create and capture the true essence of your business to gain the maximum amount of exposure to your target market.

The Founder

As the founding member of our team, Jason Miraples believes that photography and graphics design are a continuous learning process. He believes that people acquire new skills and knowledge every day. And it is their duty to hone them and contribute to the betterment of their career.

Be Our Next Partner

Share with us your story and let it travel through our creative minds. With us, your visions will come to life. We’d only ask you one thing, what’s your story?