Graphic Design & Photography Services
in the Philippines

We started with passion, skills, and dedication to master our craft
and build a strong connection with our clients in the Philippines.


We Are Pleased To Have Many
Trusted Partners

JAMIR Design is hoping to co-labor with every company in the Philippines to achieve efficient and effective success. Let us be a channel to turn your company’s visions into realities.

As a graphic design continue to flourish today, business owners also understood that photography services are important as well. It has always been a part of an excellent advertising campaign, which promotes creativity and artistry to a whole new level.

With all of the goodness that advertising photography and graphic design could offer, business owners should also clearly understand that it would be good to invest in professional photography services that would exhibit excellence and brilliance in every way.


Your Business Should Stand Out

We are well experienced graphic designer and professional photography services company in the Philippines. Many clients wish to understand a well-organized, well-thought-out bid that shows them the job and all its intricacies. That is why we are here to help you and your company communicate more effectively. And we can comprehend the needs and demands of our customers.

Defining Graphic Design
and Photography Services
by Creating a Story

A creative people merging art and technology to express our idea into a delightful artwork. We give everyone who collaborates with us the freedom to express their emotions. And we let them communicate their thoughts and inner feelings through graphic design and photography.

Here at Jamir Design, we unravel our clients’ personality by engaging them all throughout the process. Building a relationship with our clients — our partners in this endeavor.

More than getting down to business, building rapport and confidence is the key to delivering quality graphic design and photography services in the Philippines.

JAMIR Design — Graphic Design | Photography Services in the Philippines

Living Life Through Images and Design

Graphic Design and Photography are all around us. And there are a lot of good and unique things happening around.
We can get our inspirations from absolutely anywhere. With the busy lifestyle in the Metro and the demanding way of life in the rural areas, it is challenging to stay genuinely connected. The perfect shot and subject await you every day.
But who will take them?

What Our Partners Are Saying

Businesses in the Philippines are competing to achieve their own desired success. And business owners are always looking to advance their name in the market. Some are still trying to look for greater strategies to get the attention of their target market. While others are already unlocked the code using infographics.

Our passion for graphic design and photography transcends our life-long commitment to foster relationships and make our client’s fancy come to life. We will create and capture the true essence of your business to gain the greatest amount of exposure to your target market.

Do You Want To Create Something New?

We are more than happy to help you create something new to reach your business goals. Here’s a comprehensive compilation of frequently asked questions for your convenience.

Island Aviation - Corporate Photography Services in the Philippines

Photography Services FAQs

What are you charge per image?

We are not charging per image. Because we are working on a flat rate or per contract/project.

Can I keep all the photos?

Yes. You can keep all the photos together with the RAW photos in USB with full usage rights, forever.

Can I get another copy if I lost all the copies of my photos?

Yes. But we can only keep your photos for three (3) months after completion of the project.

Graphic Design Services FAQs

Do you accept Web Design projects?

Yes. Please contact us if you want to know more about our web design packages.

Do you have any other graphic design services?

Yes. We can upload your photos to your website as part of our Website Maintenance package. We are also accepting Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Management. Please inquire here.